Spiked Sherbet 

Hey Friends!

This week we got to take advantage of a friend being in town for the weekend (SAY HI TO MATTIE!) and had a blast creating and photographing this look for you all! Inspired with Spring in mind, Erin used pastel colors to create this fabulous makeup look and we were lucky to have a perfect sunny day of shooting, too!


The Gemstone Cluster earrings were perfectly paired with the soft makeup hues to create a fun pop of color! These one of a kind earrings are pierced out of sheet metal by hand, and fired with a lovely Melon Yellow enamel. 

You can find these earrings, amongst others, in my Etsy shop >> http://www.etsy.com/shop/caitlindevlinstudios

– Caitlin


Lets talk makeup!

I wanted to keep the makeup look clean and fresh, similar to spring? Except for all that lovely pollen starting to cover the ground…

For a base on the lips and eyebrows, I used the white in Make Up For Ever’s “Flash Palette”. This was also used on her lashes. All of the other colors on Mattie’s face were from a Lime Crime eyeshadow palette that I received as a gift from my amazing cousin. (Thanks, Gina!)

I’m not really sure how much you guys want to know about the makeup, so leave a comment if you have any questions!

– Erin


How amazing and talented is, Mattie? She should be a real model when she’s not too busy saving lives. We hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend! Happy blogging!

Model: Mattie Godfrey; Makeup: Erin Kelly; Jewelry & Photos: Caitlin Devlin





Hey rockstars!

We wanted to come up with a way to showcase Caitlin’s jewelry designs in collaboration with my makeup looks. What better way to do that than to start up a…..yep you guessed it, a BLOG! Here you will find pictures of Caitlin’s beautifully, handcrafted jewelry and metal designs, complimented by my colorful, sometimes crazy, makeup looks. Each week, we will deliver a new fabulous look to you all, in hopes that you will have a better appreciation and understanding of all the hard work that goes into our creations.  We would love any feedback, questions, or comments and let us know if there is anything you’d like us to feature. Happy blogging!!

– Erin

PS. If anyone in the triangle area would like to be a model for us, we’d love to have you!